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About Carro

Carro is the #1 Cross-Store Sales Channel on Shopify. Carro is a sales channel that enables brands to sell more products and increase brand awareness through beneficial partnerships. With Carro, brands can sell more together by listing their products on other brands’ sites, allowing each brand to expand their sales opportunities and their revenue.


We feature each of our partners in the Resources section of our app. When our brands need web developers, agencies, and other experts, they can use these listings to find a pro!

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In addition to our app, we also have the Notification* Blog, where we feature the latest ideas and strategies in digital marketing. If you would like to contribute, you can use our guest posting page to pitch your article ideas.

Carro & Ecommerce Data Analysis Tools for Shopify Stores

Carro & Ecommerce Data Analysis Tools for Shopify Stores

What’s your customers favorite colors? Blue, red, chartreuse? What items do you customers frequently buy together? What are your customers searching for on your site? All these questions are forms of data and trend analysis which can be invaluable to your store’s...

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Creating a Sales Funnel in Shopify

Creating a Sales Funnel in Shopify

Congratulations on starting a Shopify store! Shopify probably guided you through the initial setup, but now you have a fancy new storefront and are thinking… now what? Creating a sales funnel is the first step you should take after opening your store through Shopify....

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