Case Study: How United by Blue Got $20,000 in Earned Media Value with Influencer Marketing

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About United by Blue


“United By Blue is a sustainable apparel and lifestyle brand, on a mission of cleaning up the world’s oceans by removing one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product purchased.”

United by Blue is an outdoor brand, offering apparel and accessories for a loyal group of  socially conscious customers with an active lifestyle. United by Blue has been able to grow their brand awareness and sales through their partnerships with influencers.

With this continued growth, United by Blue can also continue removing plastic and trash from the ocean — they’ve already removed 2.2 million pounds!

The Challenge


United by Blue is trying to grow their brand awareness and sales through their Instagram feed. Their feed needs to reflect their outdoor brand, so they need plenty of user-generated content of the Great Outdoors and pictures from scenic locations all over the world.


This user-generated content helps them differentiate themselves from other brands selling mugs, apparel, and outdoor accessories, but it would be too cost prohibitive to create the content themselves.

Try Carro

The Solution


United by Blue installed Carro and connected their data sources to find 5,700+ influencers to work with for their campaigns.


With Product Requests, influencers were able to shop their store and submit a request detailing how they’d like to collaborate with United by Blue.


Influencers created content for United by Blue, featuring the products that United by Blue shipped to them. The result was a creative library of more than 500 images that United by Blue could use to grow their social media marketing efforts. These images showed off United by Blue’s adventurous fans and influencers, representing their mission and values to new audiences.

Influencer Examples


Examples of influencers found in United By Blue’s Carro Dashboard


Adventure lifestyle photographer


Zero waste advocate


Fashion & lifestyle influencer

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The Results

for United by Blue

The Numbers



MICRO INFLUENCERS: Total amount of influencers that participated in the campaign

14.7 million


CUMULATIVE FOLLOWING: The total following of every influencer that participated in the campaign



ASSETS CREATED: Branded usable content that can be repurposed for other marketing efforts



TIME SPENT: The amount of internal brand hours spent on executing a campaign



EARNED MEDIA VALUE: Calculate the importance of branded content gained through marketing efforts, that is not paid media.

Likes Generated


Comments Generated


Average Likes

571 likes per post

Average Comments

72 per post

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