How Blendjet Increased LTV & AOV By Selling What Their Customers Were Buying In The Next Tab Over

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If you’ve been online in the past 5 years, you’ve probably heard of or seen a BlendJet. It’s the iconic portable blender that charges with a USB port. Beloved by high-profile influencers and celebrities in the health & wellness space, the BlendJet team is highly skilled at acquiring new customers and producing top-notch content. They’ve been a single-product brand for a while now, but have just recently introduced new products from other cult-loved brands in the CPG space through Cross-Store Selling

The idea that sparked it all

“We want to sell all the products that our customers are putting inside their blenders.” 

Ryan Pamplin, Co-Founder and CEO of BlendJet

Sounds simple, right? But, for a single-product brand that specializes in hardware, getting into the CPG space can be a tricky process that takes years. Plus, Blendjet knows that their customers are loyal to their favorite protein powder, superfood, and nut butter brands. So, why not sell the brands that their customers are already buying in the next tab over? 

The Goal(s)? 👇 👇 👇

The Challenge

Ryan, the CEO of Blendjet has wanted to create a “curated marketplace of blendable ingredients” for a while now. However, as with all eCommerce ideas, you must ask a few questions 👇 👇 👇

💭 How would this work with our existing tech stack?

💭 What happens if we add more tech on top of this new tech?

💭 Do we need new tech for this functionality?

All very valid and necessary questions. So, let’s talk a bit about the tech stack that powers Blendjet’s marketplace and how these technologies work together. 

The Tech-Stack

1️⃣ Carro powers Blendjet’s marketplace functionality and brand partnerships. Now, Blendjet can sell the products of top health, CPG, and lifestyle brands without ever physically holding the inventory. The supplying brands receive the order notifications in their Shopify backend as if the Blendjet orders were purchased on their own website. 

Think of it like this: dropshipping, but for quality brands who have real relationships with each other. Carro enables Blendjet to focus on what they’re amazing at content creation and marketing. 

2️⃣ Recharge helps Blendjet create a more seamless buying experience for their customers through subscriptions. Recharge is the leading subscription payments solution, helping successful brands launch and scale subscription offerings by increasing revenue and LTV and reducing churn. Recharge makes it easy for Blendjet’s loyal customers to buy a Blendjet and subscribe to various products (from their Carro-powered marketplace) that they can receive on a recurring basis at a convenience that matches their lifestyle. 

“Blendjet’s marketplace opens up a new world of opportunity for subscription brands on Recharge who want to grow and optimize their recurring revenue stream. Blendjet’s marketplace not only brings additional recurring revenue to all brands in the partnership, but it also helps brands expand their acquisition reach to ideal customers who are primed for discovering new complementary products, subscribing to them, and are far less likely to churn. As consumer privacy trends continue to have an impact on the traditional third-party acquisition channels, using Carro is a no-brainer and a win-win for brands using the power of Recharge to fuel their subscription growth. “

Matt Houlemard, Tech Partner Manager at Recharge

3️⃣ Nacelle is the data orchestration platform that BlendJet has implemented for headless commerce. It brings together data from pre-integrated systems such as digital commerce platforms and CMS and provides a single access point on which developers build statically generated PWA storefronts. The platform has an event-based core that is fully managed and scales to statically generate large eCommerce sites in seconds. 

“Founder and CEO of BlendJet, Ryan Pamplin, acknowledged that site speed and mobile functionality are key to having a successful online store. After launching their Nacelle-powered Progressive Web App, the site speed and mobile experience improvements drove a significant increase in their sales, average order value, and conversions.

The stats:

  • 4.5x eCommerce sales
  • 18.8% increase AOV
  • 22% increase in conversion”

Nacelle CSM for BlendJet, Clarissa Jones

Here’s how all these technologies work together 👇 👇 👇

The Approach

For BlendJet, the approach with Carro is all about nurturing existing customers and increasing lifetime value. They took an “accessory marketplace” angle when implementing Carro. Essentially, this means, adding a marketplace as an accessory on their DTC site for their customers to further buy into the BlendJet lifestyle and values. Here’s what Noah, the Marketplace manager had to say:

“Blendjet marketplace is more about nurturing and increasing lifetime value, whereas, Blendjet 2 is about acquisition. Carro has enabled us to grow our subscription business with low-lift and low risk. Because of Carro, our team is able to focus on what we’re really good at: content and marketing.”

Noah Cheyer, Marketplace Manager at Blendjet

The Results

These results are just the beginning for BlendJet’s new Carro-powered marketplace. Now that they have the right tech stack to expand their assortment and subscription business, important KPI growth, like LTV and AOV, is within reach. 

🔥 LTV increased by 71%

🔥 AOV increased by 83%

“We loved working with Ryan and Noah from BlendJet. Their goal of being able to bring the perfect products to blend into BlendJets is exactly why we started Carro. Whenever there’s an opportunity to deliver highly complementary products to your customers, we’re here to help. The idea of having to deal with the headache of net terms, upfront inventory investment, and the time it takes to wrangle all the details, is what we’re solving. It’s been a pleasure helping out BlendJet and we’re excited to help their team continue to grow their marketplace!”

Cade Proulx, Head of Partnerships at Carro

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