How Manhattan Toys Increased Revenue by 29% by Adding a New Sales Channel with Zero New Marketing Costs

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Founded in 1978, Manhattan Toys is one of the earliest pioneers in childhood developmental play. They operate on the core belief that play isn’t just fun, but that it’s essential to a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. Their motto? “Joy with every toy!” 

The Challenge

Though in many ways Manhattan Toys is a legacy brand and pioneer in their industry, competition has exploded as children’s social and cognitive developmental play has become more popularized and mainstream amongst parents, teachers, and childcare professionals.  

Opening up a new sales channel can be costly in terms of time, resources, and money. But often, a new sales channel is the solution to a company’s next stage of growth. So, Manhattan Toys asked themselves one key question, “How can we scale without the expensive investment of opening up a new sales channel?” 

This question led to more inquiry on the next stages of growth 👇👇👇

💭 How can we acquire new customers amidst rising advertising costs? 

💭 What can we do to stand out against exploding competition?

💭 How can we get our supply our products to more retailers, quickly? 

The Goal 👇 👇 👇

After Manhattan Toys was invited to the Carro Network, they realized the huge potential in it as a new sales channel. They recognized that many of the Retailers within the Network shared the same core demographic and brand values. So, they made it their goal to supply their products to as many aligning Retailers as they could.


The Solution

Adding a new, low-cost (and low-lift) sales channel was made simple through the Carro Network of brands. In just a few days, Manhattan Toys was able to identify new retailers to sell their products to. Not only did they obtain new Retailer relationships, but they were also able to receive new customer data from their Retail partners! 


The Approach

“When Manahattan Toys decided to join Carro as a supplier,  we were able to quickly identify their Ideal Retailer Profile based on their existing wholesale relationships.  Within just a few days they were able to setup their account and connect with a qualified cohort of retailers who were ready to begin selling their products.”

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