Providing the Right Products at the Right Time Throughout the Entire Buyer Journey

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Providing the right products at the right time is simply just great merchandising that leads to conversion. But, what if we also want to increase the lifetime value of the customer? To that, we would say just about the same thing: Provide the right products at the right time throughout the entire buyer journey

Take Control of Messaging in the Awareness Stage 

One of the first stages of the buyer journey is awareness. This is often accomplished through forms of marketing like paid media, word of mouth, out-of-home ads, and even passing by a physical store location. 

To elevate this stage of the journey, we suggest aligning your omnichannel strategy by synchronizing messaging across the board.  

Tightening up the messaging, creative, and taking more control of word-of-mouth marketing can help your brand learn better what users want from you in the awareness stage. After all, this stage can feel unknown sometimes, so it’s important to truly learn and study what your potential customers want.

Remember Who Else Potential Buyers Are Considering 

The next stage of the journey is interest and consideration. We often forget that in this stage, users are “shopping around” at competitors. Using that as a lens for your paid media and email marketing strategy can help you better win the customer. 

Continue to expose the user to what they’ve already shown interest in through retargeting ads and browse abandonment emails. Through those outreach channels, give them reasons why their product of interest is unique. Remember that most potential buyers have multiple tabs open and ARE doing their due diligence. 

Add to the Conversion Experience Through Upsells and Delivery Estimates

We love the stage when a user becomes a customer. Yay! While you’re converting them, consider adding to their experience through in-cart add ons and upsells. Say for example the customer adds peanut butter to their cart, wouldn’t it be great if they could also add jelly or a chocolate spread? Carro’s Cross-Store Selling tech makes that super easy to do.

Another one of our favorite ways to add to the conversion experience is through accurate delivery estimates. What’s better than knowing when you’re actually going to receive your product? Fenix gives users delivery estimates based on the time of day that they order and the courier’s average delivery times to that zip code. 

Post-Purchase Tracking & Offers 

Often we see conversion as the biggest win, but in reality, the biggest win is a repeat buyer. The post-purchase experience is one of the largest contributors to a purchaser returning. So what are key factors in this post-purchase experience? Stellar tracking and post-purchase offers. Full transparency about when the package is packed, in transit, and a realistic estimate of delivery. 

Fenix has this great feature that enables merchants to add offers onto their tracking pages. This just incentivizes and reinforces the good post-purchase experience. 

Overall, customers want transparency, options, and ultimately to be served the right product at the right time. Through careful execution of cohesive messaging, elevated referral programs, and complete order transparency, the customer won’t have any reason to not return. 

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