The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

by Ecommerce

The holiday season is fast approaching and we’re starting to form a list of the people we’ll need to buy gifts for. We’ve created this guide to provide original ideas for gift giving to all the people on your list. 


If you’re using Carro’s Brand Partnerships, these are all items you can carry in your own store to capitalize on holiday sales. Look for the location of each item to find it in the Directory. That way, you can create your own holiday gift collections without any upfront inventory cost. Just reap the rewards of providing the perfect gifts for holiday shoppers! 

Gifts Under $20 Gift Guide

Gifts Under $20

For an affordable gift option, try these gifts under $20. From candles to art kits, these options are sure to bring a smile to their faces!

Ventura Soy Candle

From NESW Candles

Directory Location:  Home > Decor > Candles, Incense & Holders

Wood Palette with 6-Piece Acrylic Paint Set & 3-Piece Brush Set

From US Art Supply

Directory Location:  Arts & Crafts

Max Mallow

From Know Brainer Foods

Directory Location:  Food & Snacks > Beverages

Seasonal Decor Holiday Gift Guide

Seasonal Decor

Create holiday vibes with these decor ideas. Before the big event even happens, you’ll be in a holly jolly mood.

Black and Plaid Decor Fans

From Sprinkles & Confetti

Directory Location:  Home > Events & Parties

Elfie Dance Smart Gift Wrap

From Gift Wrap My Face

Directory Location:  Home > Events & Parties

Ukrainian Christmas Wreath w. Frosted Straw Bows, Apples & Pine Cones 20 Inches

From Best Pysanky

Directory Location:  Home > Seasonal Decor

Gift Baskets & Bundles Gift Guide

Gift Baskets & Bundles

Because everyone loves a good gift basket. 

Travelers Cowl Kits

From Less Traveled Yarn

Directory Location:  Arts & Crafts

Beauty Collection – Smoky

From Coastal Scents

Directory Location:  Beauty & Body > Makeup

Dulce de Lovers Gift Box

From Wooden Table Baking Co. 

Directory Location:  Food & Drink > Gifts

Gifts for Her Gift Guide

Gifts for Her

Treat her to something special that she can enjoy. 

Mifo 07 Dynamic Smart Touch True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

From Mifo

Directory Location:  Electronics > Audio

The Classic Tea Ritual Gift Box

From TeaLeaves US

Directory Location:  Food & Snacks > Gifts

R2D2 Star Wars Inspired Short Sleeve Skater Dress

From Kawaiian Pizza Apparel

Directory Location:  Costumes & Cosplay

Gifts for Him Gift Guide

Gifts for Him

Let’s face it, it can be hard to find him the right gift. Here’s a collection of curated items for the adventurous guy in your life.

Better Beard Bundle

From Fulton & Roark

Directory Location:  Beauty & Body

The Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Backpack

From The Vintage Gentleman

Directory Location:  Luggage & Bags > Backpacks

Barrel 46mm – Watch made from Reclaimed Oak Whiskey Barrels

From Original Grain

Directory Location:  Clothing & Fashion > Men

Kickstart – A Helmet for Commuters

From Lumos Helmet

Directory Location:  Clothing & Fashion > Men

Novelty & Gag Gifts Gift Guide

Novelty & Gag Gifts

Sometimes what they really need is a snarky candle. 

Unsolicited Advice 2021 Planner with Stickers

From Adam JK

Directory Location:  Books > Arts & Photography

C&E Soy Wax Candles

From C & E Craft Co.

Directory Location:  Home > Decor > Candles, Incense & Holders

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