Carro reveals all of the influencers and press that are your brand’s customers, email subscribers, and social fans.

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How much does Carro cost?

FREE! There’s no charge to use Carro! We’re a venture-backed company focused on growth and our merchant’s success. We have plans to release new paid features in the future to benefit our users even more.

How do you treat my data? Is it secure?
We use 3rd party professional data protection technology to protect our data and the data we receive from our brands.
How do you find influencers?

Carro takes a look at the data sources that you provide to us and surfaces the influencers that love your brand. Influencers are able to sign up directly with Carro and have been doing so since we started our company.

How do you define an influencer?
Currently, we define an influencer as someone with 5000 or more followers on 1 or more social networks.
Where is Carro based?
We’re based in Orange County, California.

Carro’s Integrations

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