With Carro, brands build mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers, press/media, and each other so they can sell more, together.

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How much does Carro cost?

It's free to get started with Carro! You can discover your influencers and start your influencer marketing at no cost. We are currently releasing paid features, like Brand Partnerships, to make your partnerships and growth even better.  

How do you treat my data? Is it secure?

We use 3rd party professional data protection technology to protect our data and the data we receive from our brands.

Where is Carro based?

We’re based in Orange County, California.

How do you find influencers?

Carro takes a look at the data sources that you provide to us and surfaces the influencers who love your brand. Influencers are able to sign up directly with Carro and have been doing so since we started our company.

How do you define an influencer?

We define an influencer as someone with 5,000+ followers on one or more social networks.

When a customer purchases through Brand Partnerships, what is the experience like?

Customers will be able to shop products from your favorite brands, without leaving your site. A small tag on your product detail page lets your customers know the product will be "fulfilled by our friends at ..."

After purchase, shipping and fulfillment information will be synced from the supplier, so that the retailer can send shipment confirmations to the customer. The supplier will handle any support questions that the customer may have about their purchase. The retailer and the supplier share the fulfillment and contact information so that they can both provide an excellent customer experience and enjoy a new customer!

How are orders fulfilled through Brand Partnerships?
When a partner’s product is sold on your site, Carro automatically creates a wholesale order in the supplier's store so that they can fulfill the item. The retailer does not have to stock any of their inventory. Shipment tracking is also synced to the retailer's store so that shipment confirmations and tracking information can be sent to the customer. 

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