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Note: We are not currently accepting guest posts outside of the Carro community. If you are an agency or tech company, you can become a partner here. If you are a brand or store, you can try Carro here

We offer a single link in your bio. All other links in the article should be linking to sources, not promotional materials. Articles that don’t follow this will be automatically rejected.

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General Guidelines

Be conversational. Show your expertise and use qualified sources, but be sure to use a casual tone that is understandable and approachable to all levels of marketing professional.

Format your blog article for readability and SEO. Organize your blog article with H1, H2, and H3 tags. Use bolding and bulleted lists to make your articles skim-able to readers.

Do not over-promote. We want to help you reach your business goals with this guest blog, but we ask that you don’t use the article to advertise your products or services. Instead, create a thought leadership article that proves your knowledge and expertise, then you may drop a paragraph about your company or your bio at the end with one link back to your website.

Articles must be 100% original, and your own work. If you are using ghost writers, you’ll need to note this in your original email pitch (although, you won’t have to disclose it on the final article).

Use qualified sources, and cite them. We want our articles to be authoritative and data-driven. Use sources that are reputable (sorry, wikipedia!) and use data to back up their findings. Each article should include at least 3 hyperlinks to sources.


Topics we’re looking for: 

-Influencer marketing

-Social media marketing

-Branding/design for eCommerce businesses

-Growth hacks for small businesses

-B2C Digital Marketing


Please note: We DO NOT accept articles that promote essay writing services.



-Articles should be between 600-2,000 words and should be broken into easily digestible headlines.

-We believe in the Oxford comma. We have intense, passionate, and unmitigated feelings about this.

-Use the H1, H2, H3, and body settings available in Word and Google Docs to format your doc. Don’t worry about the font sizing or selection, our blog defaults will handle the rest!

-We design the hero image so that it fits with the aesthetic of our blog, but you can submit any images for the content of your article with your final article submission.


How do I submit a post? 

To be considered for a guest blog post, please send your ideas and article pitches to They will be reviewed and accepted articles will receive a response with the next steps.

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