The Collaborative Commerce App for Shopify

Your next
sales channel
is cross-store

Your next
acquisition channel
is cross-store

Your next
marketing channel
is cross-store


Increase sales by supplying or retailing high-quality products with other top Shopify brands.

With over 35,000 brands in the Carro Network, the merchandising and brand partnership potential is limitless.

Acquire new customers without expensive acquisition costs.

Gain access to highly qualified customers when you supply your products to other top Shopify brands.

Virtual Inventory empowers you to try new products and ideas, risk free.

Add new high-quality products to your catalogue without ever committing to warehouse space, purchasing inventory, or fulfilling orders.

Brands that are growing each other’s businesses

Carro powers partnerships between top Shopify brands that unlock new customers, sales growth, and comarketing opportunities.

How Carro works in 60 seconds:

With Carro, brands build mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers, press/media, and each other so they can sell more, together.


Discover thousands of Shopify’s top D2C brands on Carro

Discover thousands of Shopify’s top D2C brands on Carro


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How much does Carro cost?

When you install Carro, you’re enrolled into our Free Plan (where you can list and browse products, or work with influencers). To begin utilizing our new Brand Partnership features, you can choose a Pricing Plan that’s right for your business.

How do you treat my data? Is it secure?

We use 3rd party professional data protection technology to protect our data and the data we receive from our brands.

Where is Carro based?

We’re based in Orange County, California.

How do you find influencers?

Carro identifies influencers by scanning data sources that you connect to Carro. If a celebrity, an influencer, or a press/media member is interacting with your brand as a customer, email subscriber, follower, or mentioner, we’ll let you know.

How do you define an influencer?

We define an influencer as someone with 5,000+ followers on one or more social networks.

When a customer purchases through Brand Partnerships, what is the experience like?

Customers will be able to shop products from your favorite brands, without leaving your site. A small tag on your product detail page lets your customers know the product will be “fulfilled by our friends at …”

After purchase, shipping and fulfillment information will be synced from the supplier, so that the retailer can send shipment confirmations to the customer. The supplier will handle any support questions that the customer may have about their purchase. The retailer and the supplier share the fulfillment and contact information so that they can both provide an excellent customer experience and enjoy a new customer!

How are orders fulfilled through Brand Partnerships?
When a partner’s product is sold on your site, Carro automatically creates a wholesale order in the supplier’s store so that they can fulfill the item. The retailer does not have to stock any of their inventory. Shipment tracking is also synced to the retailer’s store so that shipment confirmations and tracking information can be sent to the customer. 

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