3 Brands Cross-Store Selling on Shopify to Increase AOV and LTV

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Simply put, Cross-Store Selling enables brands to sell each other’s products without the need for holding inventory, managing returns, MOQ’s, or fulfilling orders. In just a few clicks, brands can add new products to their eCommerce store. 

Now that we know what Cross-Store selling is, let’s talk about some major brands that are growing their AOV, LTV, and customer base through it!

Blendjet Introduces Cult-Loved Brands to Their New Marketplace  

If you’ve been online in the past 5 years, you’ve probably heard of or seen a BlendJet. Ryan, the CEO, has wanted to create a “curated marketplace of blendable ingredients” for a while now. Through Cross-Store Selling, the Blendjet team has been able to launch over 30 new products in just a few months. Not only have they been able to launch quickly, but they don’t even have to carry physical inventory OR fulfill these new products. 

“Blendjet marketplace is more about nurturing and increasing lifetime value, whereas, Blendjet 2 is about acquisition. Carro has enabled us to grow our subscription business with low-lift and low risk. Because of Carro, our team is able to focus on what we’re really good at: content and marketing.”

Noah Cheyer, Marketplace Manager at Blendjet

Vanity Planet Bundled Up with Glow Recipe to Acquire Customers with Zero Paid Spend

For the holiday season, Vanity Planet wanted to create a gift bundle with a like-minded brand but didn’t want to get caught up in the mess of excess inventory at the end of the holiday rush OR fulfilling orders during the holiday rush. So, through Carro’s Cross-Store Selling network, they were able to connect with Glow Recipe and set up a collaborative bundle experience. 

For the customer, the result was a beautiful bundle of complementary products that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Carro handled all the paperwork, so Vanity Planet could reap the benefits of new customer acquisition and increased AOV. Logistically, Vanity Planet shipped out their facial steamer while Glow Recipe shipped out the skincare products and the customer got a complete gift bundle just in time for the holidays!

Influencers, Shawn Johnson & Andrew East Retain More Revenue from Brands

When Influencer “Power Couple” Shawn Johnson and Andrew East began seeing success promoting products to their audiences on social media, they knew it could be exponentially replicated across an array of complementary products. Thus, Teddy and Bear was born!

Shortly after joining the Carro network, Teddy and Bear quickly began expanding their product offering with Baby and Children’s goods. Everything they added to their catalog fit in just right with the original Teddy and Bear collection of products. By forming strategic product partnerships, Teddy and Bear discovered a scalable way to offer more to their audience AND drive up revenue by increasing their AOV & LTV. Joining a comprehensive brand network gave this Influencer store the ability to truly monetize its fanbase.

Not only are Teddy and Bear now boosting their average order value with complementary products, but they’re also maximizing the lifetime value of each “fan” they convert into a customer.

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