10. Influencer Marketing Campaign Optimization

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10. Influencer Marketing Campaign Optimization

You may think that once the influencer posts, you’re done. Wrong! Once you’ve seen which influencer content is most successful, you’ll want to find ways to double down on your success and get even more out of the best-performing content.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always find ways to throw fuel on the best fires. That’s where whitelisting comes in.


What is Whitelisting?

Whitelisting allows your brand to get permission to share the influencer’s content within Facebook and Instagram. It also allows you to promote the content with ad dollars.

For example, if you find an influencer that is out-performing the rest, you can whitelist them through Facebook and Instagram, then pay to promote their content. Instead of reaching 6-12% of their audience, they’ll now reach 80-90% of their audience! You can also turn this content into retargeting ads and other marketing within Facebook and Instagram to get even more use out of the content. Facebook influencer marketing is best accomplished through paid social ads, as the reach of organic posts isn’t what it used to be.

To whitelist an influencer, you’ll need to add them as a partner in your Facebook Business Manager and request access to their account(s).

Whitelisting allows you to post your ad content as the influencer, with the influencer’s name appearing at the top of the ad instead of your brand name. It’s another way to make the content look authentic and genuine from the influencer.


What is Dark Posting?

Dark posting does not require a whitelisted influencer. Instead, you can download the influencer content and use it to create ads on your own ad account and pages/profiles. Dark posting creates ads that are from your brand, but have the approachable and relatable influencer images to attract attention from prospective customers.

You’ll want to get permission from the influencer to reshare their content. You can tag the influencer in the ads so that they are credited, and you may want to offer additional compensation for this sharing.

If you don’t have a large creative library, then dark posting an influencer’s images can be a way to get additional ad content up and running quickly.


Other ways to extend influencer content:

  • Share their content to your own profile on the same platform that they shared on. Your audience will then be able to see the content, whether they follow the influencer or not.
  • Use the content in Facebook and Instagram ads, crediting the influencer and quoting their review of the product. You can do this even if they don’t whitelist, but you will only be able to use their content as the influencer if they are whitelisted.
  • Share it on your website as a collection image or homepage feature.
  • Use an Instagram gallery to share the image on your product pages and homepage. FourSixty, Growave, and Instafeed are all Shopify apps that will help you display user-generated content, and influencer posts.
  • Share your influencer’s pictures in printed brochures and marketing materials.
  • Use influencer pictures to add casual, genuine imagery to your email campaigns.
  • Add these pictures to your “Google My Business” listing to help with local SEO and improve your Google assets.
  • Add influencer images as your product images to show your product in action. Consumers will love seeing a face they recognize modeling their favorite products!
  • Print large versions of your influencer images for use in trade show booths and at live events.
  • Create print advertisements for magazines and other publications.
  • Include a collage of influencer images on the back of business cards for team members.




Influencer marketing can help brands of all sizes grow. The trick to influencer marketing is that brands need to focus on one goal at a time, so that influencer campaigns are driving a specific, measurable result. Each step should help you create a narrow and achievable course of action so that you’ve optimized every step of your influencer marketing.

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing platform with full service influencer marketing capabilities, then there’s no better solution than Carro! Carro discovers all the influencers who already love your brand, then makes it easy and efficient to collaborate. From 1-click Quick Invites to streamlined product gifting, Carro covers all 10 steps to your influencer marketing.

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