7. Your Influencer Campaign ChecklistInfluencer marketing strategies work best when you cover all your bases. To get the most out of your campaigns, here’s a checklist of our best tips for your influencer marketing success.


Before the Influencer Campaign:

  • Audit your site for broken links and other errors. You don’t want an influencer referring traffic to a page that has errors.
  • Create a landing page for your influencer to refer traffic to. This could be specific to the influencer, or you can use a high-converting page that’s already built. Check your analytics to see which pages have the highest conversion rates and use something similar for your influencer to mention in their campaign.
  • Send a followup email 1-2 days before the campaign is launched. Touch base with your influencers and see if they have any questions, or if you can help them in any way. A little friendliness goes a long way.
  • Make sure all your influencers’ emails are marked as safe senders. No one wants important communications ending up in spam folders!
  • Add a teaser to your social media before the campaign, letting your followers know which influencers to watch for great content and exclusive deals!


During the Influencer Campaign:

  • Like all the content that the influencer shares about your brand.
  • Confirm that your brand is tagged or mentioned in the way that you agreed upon. If not, send a friendly reminder email to the influencer.
  • Share the influencer’s content to your Instagram Stories and reshare on other platforms (with permission) to get additional exposure to their content.
  • Check for comments and questions on influencer content that you can address through your brand’s profile. An influencer is not equipped to answer customer service questions the same way you are and they’ll appreciate you stepping in to answer official questions.


After the Influencer Campaign:

  • Make sure that all payments are sent promptly and delivered when promised.
  • Send a thank you note to each influencer who participated. A snail mail card would be exceptional, but even an email can show that you appreciated their work and may make them more excited to work with you next time!

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