Omnichannel Marketing In 2022: Meeting Customers Where They’re At

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How many times have you seen or heard the term “omnichannel marketing” this year? Probably a lot. It’s become quite a hot topic in the marketing and eCom industries. But, if you haven’t heard the term, not to worry — that’s what we’re here to chat about! Omnichannel marketing can be summed up like this: Meeting your customers where they’re at. 

Though strategies differ business-to-business, we have a few evergreen best practices for omnichannel marketing in 2022. Check ‘em out below 👇👇👇

Using Social Media as a Segmentation Strategy

One of the biggest strategies we’re seeing moving into 2022 is that brands are diversifying their social media presence. Not only that, but they’re using social media as a way to segment their audience. Essentially, brands are recognizing that different demographics are found in higher concentrations on certain platforms. This inherently changes the content strategy for each platform while also inviting a new opportunity to meet different types of customers. 

So, here are some practical questions you should ask yourself:

✅ How does my demographic/psychographic differ on each social platform? 

✅ How does my content strategy differ from platform to platform? 

✅ What content performs the best on each platform? How does content performance change based on the platform?

✅ What social channels am I not utilizing that my customer is? 

✅ How am I adapting my content to the culture and cadence of each platform? 

Upon answering these questions, you should be able to better gauge the next steps for diversifying your brand’s social media presence in 2022. 

Being Available for Your Customer Anytime, Anywhere 

Wherever your customer is, you should be there too! Excellent customer service anticipates the needs of customers before they might even have them. Not only that but being available for your customer on all channels and platforms is the modern consumers’ expectation. Whether that’s through an intelligent CX platform like Simplr OR just through quick reply times on Instagram, promptness and intelligent responses always win. 

Meeting Your Customer Through Product Assortment 

What better way to meet your customers where they’re at than through product assortment? Seriously, think about it. You have done the work of capturing the customer, so, why not provide the products that they’re already buying in the next tab over on YOUR site? Through Carro Brand Partnerships you can add products (from great brands) to your store in just a few clicks. 

Whether it’s through excellent customer service, product assortment, or diversifying your social media strategy, 2022 is going to be all about meeting your customers where they’re at. 

Wanna stay updated on 2022 trends in marketing and eCommerce? 👇

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