Expand your product catalog without inventory commitments.

Get 30 days free after subscribing!

Collaborate with influencers who already love your brand

All our influencer features are free.

Expand your product catalog without inventory commitments.

Get 30 days free after subscribing!

Collaborate with influencers who already love your brand.

All our influencer features are free.


Browse our directory and sell your products through the Carro Network!

$ 0 / mo

+5% of sales through Carro


For startups, dropshippers, and small brands

  • Everything from the Intro Plan
  • Auto-fulfillment  
    Carro will automatically send your orders to the appropriate suppliers. No manual work needed!
  • Shipping costs pass through  
    When agreed upon by your retailers, you will be reimbursed for shipping costs.
  • Controlled partner approval  
    Choose which brands have access to sell your products.
  • Primary listings  
    Establish your directory exposure with an advantageous listing for your brand.
  • Email and chat support
$ 50 / mo

+5% of sales through Carro



For established brands and retailers

  • Everything from the Starter plan
  • Access to brand pairing specialist  
    You can ask one of our brand pairing specialists any questions that you have about brands that you’re thinking about working with.
  • Basic implementation assistance  
    We’ll help you get up and running with a few initial brand partners and answer any basic questions that you have about Carro’s compatibility with your tech stack.
  • Partner-specific revenue splits  
    Set your revenue splits based on the circumstances of each partnership.
  • Flexible fulfillment and inventory buffers  
    Choose between auto, manual, or delayed fulfillment to meet the needs of your system and team. Set inventory buffers so that you can decide how much inventory is available to partners.
  • Merchandising assistance  
    Our team can help you strategically merchandise your partner's products within your store.
  • Preferred Listings  
    Upgrade your Carro exposure with strategic directory placements!
  • Email, chat and phone support
  • Reporting and upsells coming soon!
$ 250 / mo

+5% of sales through Carro


For leading brands and Shopify Plus stores

  • Everything from the Starter and Growth plans
  • Dedicated brand pairing specialist and data-driven recommendations  
    Receive curated and data-driven brand and product pairing recommendations utilizing Carro’s network-wide data set and expert brand pairing team.
  • Full implementation team  
    Be personally walked through onboarding and have easy access to our implementation team from start to finish.
  • Custom integrations options  
    Work with our onborading team on specific areas of your technology stack such as your ERP, 3PL, returns/exchanges system, customer support system, etc. to make your integration as seamless and scalable as possible.
  • Priority listings  
    Optimize your Carro exposure with comprehensively prioritized directory placements.
  • Dedicated success manager

Custom pricing based on your needs

Influencer Partnerships

Discover, connect, & collaborate

  • Discover Influencers who already love your brand, both as customers and subscribers.
  • Invite influencers to collaborate by seamlessly requesting product from your web store
  • Approve collaborations for social content in exchange for product
  • Easily track mentions from your influencer collaborations from Carro


How much does Carro Cost?

When you install Carro, you're enrolled into our Free Plan (where you can list and browse products, or work with influencers). While utilizing our new Brand Partnership features, you can choose a pricing plan that’s right for your business.

What is the customer experience?

Customers will be able to shop products from your favorite brands, without leaving your site. A small tag on your product detail page lets your customers know the product will be "fulfilled by our friends at BRAND NAME."

The purchase is made through the retailer's website, just like any other order. After purchase, the supplier will send the product directly to the customer and the supplier will handle any support questions that the customer may have about their purchase. The retailer and supplier share the contact information for these customers so that they can both provide an excellent customer experience and enjoy a new customer! 

Do I have to be a retailer and supplier, or can I just choose one?

With Carro Brand Partnerships, we're here to support your store and your growth strategies. You can select the role that suits your store best, making you a retailer, supplier, or both.

How are orders fulfilled?

When a partner’s product is sold on your site, Carro automatically sends the order to the Supplier so they can fulfill the item. You do not have to stock any of their inventory.

Do customers know when they purchase a partner product?

Yes, Carro adds a sentence to the product description that lets the customer know that the item is being sold and fulfilled by a partner of your brand. You'll also have the option to send shipment confirmations that will detail where the product is coming from. 

How are partners selected?

Suppliers are listed in the Carro Directory and you'll also be able to see the products they have available to you. When you try to add a partner's product to your store, you'll either be sent to that brand for approval, or get automatic approval so that you can start selling their products right away. 

When a partner product sells, what information does the supplier receive?

The supplier receives the customer information needed to fulfill the order, including their mailing address, phone number, and email address.

Can suppliers ship internationally?
Each supplier can set the countries that it will ship to. Both the supplier and the retailer are responsible for discussing the logistics of their partnership before beginning.
How do payments work?

When a customer makes a purchase, the retailer will collect their payment, just as they would for any other order. The retailer is then charged for the supplier's share of that sale and that share is sent to the supplier via Stripe.  

How are products shipped?

Products are shipped directly from the supplier. The retailer does not need to stock any inventory or pay for the inventory in advance. The supplier will fulfill the products and ship them directly to the customer. Currently, the supplier receives payments for the products only and shipping fees are not sent from the retailer. 

How are returns handled?
Support Communication:

We recommend that the supplier handles all customer service questions pertaining to their products. When a retailer receives a request, they should pass the request along to the supplier's customer service team.

To streamline this process, we recommend that you provide your customer service team with a list of the products that are sold by partners on your store and the partner's contact info. This will assist them in directing customers when anyone calls or emails with a question. When replying to a customer service email, you can also CC the supplier's customer service team in the reply, and let the customer know that they'll handle the request from here.

Processing a Refund:

A supplier can trigger a refund of the wholesale amount by clicking "refund" in their Shopify admin. This will refund the amount charged to the retailer's credit card. At this point, the supplier should contact the retailer to refund the order to the customer.

The retailer can also choose to refund the customer first, they will just need to contact the supplier to refund the amount owed to them.

NOTE: A customer will not be refunded until the Retailer also refunds the order.

NOTE: The customer and the supplier are refunded the full payment, however, the retailer is not refunded for Carro's 5%.

How does customer support work?

The retailer should provide their customer service team with a list of contact information for partners so that they can easily redirect the request to the partner's customer service team.

What is virtual inventory?

When using Carro's Brand Partnerships, the retailer is able to sell the supplier's products without stocking or purchasing any inventory, which makes the retailer's product listings "virtual inventory." The retailer can sell these products, then the supplier will fulfill the order and ship the products directly to the customer.

Carro also automatically imports the product's information and images so that you can get started selling right away. 

The advantages of virtual inventory are that the retailer will only pay the supplier for the inventory when it sells, and there's no upfront cost to get started. Virtual inventory also means that the retailer does not need any of the infrastructure to store or ship the inventory that it sells.

No purchasing, no inventory minimums, and no commitment! 

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